Soap Seconds – Assorted samples

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Soap Seconds – Assorted Natural samples

If you don’t mind what soap type you receive and want these just for your bathroom or to give away it is the perfect solution. The soap ends come here. 2 ends per block, so this product is often sold out. Sorry… buy more regular soap 🙂

You will receive an assortment of multiple varieties, ranging from about 6 mm to 40 mm thick and 25 mm to 60 mm wide. Like a half soap or quarter piece.

This costs half the price of its labelled sibling in 500g amounts. 


  • 100% Natural
  • Certified Vegan
  • Proudly Palm oil free
  • Certified Cruelty free

AE soaps are not only suitable for problem skin conditions, they improve the health of the skin by moisturising, giving it nutrition, soothing, protecting and making it so easy for your skin to love. There are no chemicals to start with, no toxic ingredients, no animal fats, no petroleum, no SLS, no artificial fragrances, preservatives or anything else. It would just be easier to tell you what it does have, and omit everything else.

Aromatic Essentials is Certified Cruelty free. No animals are harmed in any stage of production of these ingredients. All ingredients also come from Cruelty free suppliers. NO chemicals, NO animal products, No detergents. All NATURAL guaranteed! 

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