These soaps are made especially for skin problem sufferers as they are made with all natural and healing oils, in quantities that really make a difference. Organic herbs are made into infusions which are added to the soaping process. Essential oils are added based on their properties in addressing certain conditions.

I like to add Natural clay to some of my soaps. Many people don’t know how imperative the handling of clay is. Its properties and benefits are
lost when stirred in plastic or stainless steel and with a spatula or fork. I like to learn the best ways to get the most punch into every bar of soap!
Even if you have normal skin with no problems, these natural, vegan soaps will keep it that way, giving your skin cleanliness without drying. If skin is properly hydrated and balanced, it will stay healthy.
There are also many products which are unscented and contain no essential oils at all.
No chemicals, no petroleums, no sulphates, no animal products, no artificial anything.
Just Real skin-loving soap, with all its natural vegetable glycerine in tact.
I honestly believe these are the best soaps for your skin because I don’t limit amazing and beneficial ingredients just because it costs too much. I buy and prepare what is best and include it all in generous proportions, so what you are getting is the best you could find anywhere.
Hate that tight all over skin feeling after a shower? Want to experience a healthier life?
After you try the products, please let me know what you think of them. I’m sure they will be much loved.
Thank you for trying my soaps.
Wholesale enquiries are welcome.