All aromatherapy spritz sprays are here.

Aromatherapy spritz  sprays are 100% natural and made with Organic botanical hydrosols in distilled water, with a touch of alcohol to disperse the essential oils. Some have Witch Hazel, Lavender, Rose or Chamomile hydrosol and Aloe Vera. Inhaling essential oils as a spray is a very effective method to experience natural healing in a safe way.

Room Sprays – For use by spraying into the air eliminating odours, relaxing the mind, clearing negative energies, disinfecting and freshening. They can be sprayed onto fabric if shaken very well and at a distance. Please do a preliminary test on a hidden area to ensure the essential oil blend does not leave droplet marks. MANY ESSENTIAL OILS have the potency to damage varnish and certain plastics so care must be taken. Remember to shake the bottle vigorously before spraying.

Personal Spritz Sprays are for spraying yourself for emotional soothing, mental calming, headaches, physical ailments and to smell lovely. Always shake vigorously, close your eyes and spray at arms length. May contain Aloe vera in calming 😌 Sprays.

Natural Perfumes are a new addition to my aromatherapy essentials. They are very concentrated and unique essential oil blends which have given me so much joy to create. It takes skill, intuition and a great nose. There are notes to every essential oil, Top, middle and base. When you first spray, what you smell is the top note, then the middle and the base note is the lasting scent. It also grounds the perfume and brings it all together like a symphony. Each perfume will smell differently on each person due to your own unique scent. That’s why they are often referred to as Bespoke. It takes many years of experience to create beautiful perfumes with essential oils. They are my own blends, not taken from any other source. They are perfect for people (and pets) who experience unfavourable symptoms from artificial fragrances, deodorants and after shaves*.

Create your signature scent with one of my special perfume blends.


Note *I myself will experience headaches, allergy or flu like symptoms when near artificial smells and very expensive perfumes or colognes are no exception! The worst symptoms can be from Linx deodorants. They are my Migraine triggers.