Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler – All Varieties


Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler

A very convenient, multi-purpose,  Aromatherapy product. So easy to carry any time; leave one in your bag, purse, car, pocket.  Discretely ease suffering on the go. No more stuffy nose, aids in reducing symptoms of cold and flu, anxiety, anything really. You can also buy refills for your inhalers. It’s the best way to be eco friendly, and extend the life of your inhaler. New and Sensational Aluminum Inhalers can be your  life long buddy.


Aromatherapy Inhaler

This is the most effective way to experience 100% Pure Aromatherapy. Pure authentic and intuitive essential oil blends in a reusable container.

Inhale and enjoy the beauty of beneficial healing plants, famous for readjusting and balancing the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of your self.

Choose for Headache, Depression, Migraine, Sinus, Stuffy nose, Uplifting, Cold and Flu, Anxiety, Insomnia, Focus for study, Stress, Energy, Allergies and custom. If you would like to see what each essential oil properties are and why they are used for the blends, please view here.

These inhalers contain an absorbent insert and last a very long time if kept closed. When the inhaler has lost its scent you can add another few drops of essential oil yourself, or repurchase the same blend as a refill. No need to throw the inhaler away. To ensure you are benefitting without disruption, you can purchase the kit. Inhaler plus refill.

Each inhaler contains 1.5ml of a special aromatherapy blend of 100% pure essential oils from ethical, cruelty free suppliers. I compose the blend based on over 30 years of aromatic passion, so it not only works, but smells nice too.



” I absolutely love these! As soon as I felt a headache coming on, I took a couple of whiffs of the one for headaches. I was so amazed that the headache didn’t progress, then went away.
I think it’s important though to use at onset for best results, especially migraines. The more varieties I try, the more I know I just can’t live without them. Remarkable product!”

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Weight 60 g
Refill or Inhaler?

Inhaler, Inhaler plus Refill, Refill


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